There are two major outreach programs:  International (India and others) and Local Community (Midland area).  In India, the emphasis is to provide funds to drill wells for water in remote areas. We also provide funds for education and basic necessities for the very poor. The general International outreach focuses on  school supplies, livelihood and education. We also reach out to our local community.  The criteria for selecting the charities or projects are: immediate need, reliable information and trusted volunteers. Expenditures are verified by telephone calls, photos and receipts.
Highlights of some of the many charitable projects are shown below:

India - Borewells for Clean Water

Women collecting water near a polluted stream

Bore wells are our number one priority. In 2017, people in 40 villages will now have a continuous access to drinking water.  You have provided their very basic and critical need by giving them a blessing of life giving water for generations.

Now they can have a continuous supply without digging and walking 5 miles to the river

India - Education 

We provided educational support to 25 students from very poor families whose parents are not able to pay for their education. Together, we are helping them achieve their dreams and a sure chance for a bright future. This is our great investment in young lives and we want to continue this project with your support.

India - Bicycles for school Transportation

This is a wonderful project to uplift the physical and mental burden on these young students who have to walk to school for 1-2 miles each day. Your gift of a bicycle brought them so much joy and relief and also to their parents and teachers. Needless to say, this will inspire and encourage them to achieve higher grades in schools and clear a path to success.
India - Christmas Project - Food, Clothing and More

Your support brought immense relief and comfort to 100 people sitting or living on streets during the very cold weather. Some 35 families received a gift of 50 goats to help them generate some income for their families.

 India - After school food program
This project is a proof of what a small amount of $10/day can accomplish! We have 80 children who are benefited through this project.

India - Medical Camp in Gujrat and Maharastra states

About 500 villagers in the remote areas of Gujarat-Rajasthan Border, were given a free medical checkup and some medicines by a group of 18 doctors, nurses and other volunteers who made this wonderful project, a success. 

India - Dairy Project

Dairy Project- A gift of a water buffalo- 15 women were given a chance to generate income for their families through this project. 


Africa- Sponsorship of Children

We continue to provide funds for the sponsorship of 10 children in Africa for their education. We hear from the children about their progress in school and they are very thankful and excited to be able to attend school. 

Other International Outreach

medical outreach in Zimbabwe
Syrian refugees, 
Global mamas in Ghana
Food for the Poor in South America, and flood affected families in Puerto Rico.

Our community outreach involved support towards-

Rents, motel accommodations in crisis, auto repairs, groceries, Christmas gifts cards, county connection tickets and gas gift cards for inmates going to rehabilitation, bibles for the inmates, D.A.R.E., a wonderful program run by our police department to educate our school kids to stay off drugs, MCFOAR (Midland Community Former Offender Advocacy and Rehabilitation) and For a Brighter Tomorrow.

Please donate or attend a fundraising event.