Indira and Ed Oskvarek, Global Compassion, Inc. Founders, Pres.,VP

It all started with our sowing a small seed of compassion in the life of an orphan lady in India in 1996. 

The seed continued to grow with the  support from friends as we tried to meet expanding needs. In 2006, we created a non profit charity to be able to reach out to more people oppressed by poverty around the globe.

Global Compassion, Inc. received non profit 501(C)3 status and became a tax exempt public charity in 2008.

Since 2006 Global Compassion, Inc.
received almost $401,000 in donations and disbursed 97% of the funds for the outreach.  

    Board Members
Thomas Tolton

 Rev. John Johnson

Susan Rademacher

Directors Tolton, Johnson and Rademacher have contributed time and talent to Global Compassion providing direction and moral support. They also donate generously.  

Their efforts are important to the success of Global Compassion along with our many personal friends and volunteers locally and internationally.

What our supporters like about Global compassion, Inc. is that the charity is run by volunteers and their support goes directly for those in need.



Please join us and be a part of global compassion family to make a difference in the  lives oppressed by poverty. 

Please support Global Compassion by attending a fundraising event or donate online.