2019 FUNDRAISING Goal: $250,000

funds raised as of December 31, 2019 - $255,954.63

Reaching out and changing lives.
Mission to provide funds for water wells education and other international and local projects

Mission to pROVIDE fUNDS for:

* Education, tools for self sufficiency and free medical camps,

* Other international and local projects.

Improving the lives of thousands of people

Improving the lives of thousands of people:

* Since 2006 Global Compassion Inc. has helped approximately 45,000 people.

* In 2018 Global Compassion Inc. helped 19,264 people.

* 98% of funds raised go directly to Global Compassion Inc.'s charitable projects.

recent international charitable programs

More International and Local Charitable Programs at What We Do and Gallery

50 wells installed 2018, serving 13,000 people in 120 villages. 75 more planned for 2019

Education Support - tuition, notebooks, uniforms, computer training and after school feeding program

2018 - Education Support - Your support provided notebooks to 1,168 children, school supplies and books to 90 students, tuition to 27 students and once daily lunch or snack to 150 students, all from poor families in 2018

2018 - Empowering women to be self sufficient. Altogether, 60 women have been given a chance to start their own businesses through tailoring and dairy projects.

2018 - Education. 115 new bicycles to the high school students,

How We Do It

The criteria and processes for selecting the charities and charity projects are:

* Immediate need,

* Reliable information and trusted volunteers.

* Expenditures are verified by telephone calls, photos and receipts.

2019 FUNDRAISING Goal: $250,000 ~ AS OF December 31st - $255,954.63

Global Compassion, Inc. has distributed over $842,000 to people in need since 2006 through fundraising and charitable events. 98% of the funds raised go directly to the needy in India, other international countries and local Midland, Michigan projects.

In 2018, we raised $192,085. The pie chart shows the distribution of funds to our various Charitable Programs. Please go to the bottom of this page to access our newsletter for details. The charity is run by volunteers, local and international.

We request your support for 2019 having a goal to raise in order to continue to reach out to the poor and needy, offering them hope and support. Together, we can do it.

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