Reaching out and changing lives.

Mission to pROVIDE fUNDS for:

  • Drilling 100 water wells in 2020
  • Educational support,
  • Empowering women,
  • Medical camps,
  • 2019 School renovation,
  • Christmas packages to people living in slums,
  • Local projects.
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Improving the lives of thousands of people:

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  • Since 2006 Global Compassion Inc. has helped more than 50,000 people.
  • In 2019 Global Compassion Inc. helped 35,000 people and raised $255,954.63.
  • Let us also celebrate our breakthrough of raising over $1,097,954 since 2006.
  • 98% of funds raised go directly to Global Compassion Inc.'s charitable projects.

recent international charitable programs

More International and Local Charitable Programs at What We Do

75 wells installed 2019, 29,500 people benefited. Goal is 100 wells in 2020.

2019 - Education Support - A total of 1900 students from 7 States in India were benefited.

Empowering Women in Poverty to Self Sufficiency - 2019 - A total of 168 women from 6 States in India, were benefited directly and it will positively impact about 840 family members.

2019 - A total of 7 free medical camps were provided for the people in remote villages in the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

A total of 2,737 patients were benefited. Thank you Marilynn for sponsoring the Medical Camps!

2019 School Renovation Project- One time project

  • A school in Vasai, one of the suburbs of Mumbai was in such a bad shape that we decided to undertake this project.
  • It was a joint effort of Global Compassion Inc and Pawerica in Mumbai, India.
  • The entire school building and the classrooms were renovated and modernize with latest technology and furniture.
  • The school hosts some 200 students from K to 12th grade- 80 of them live in an orphanage, close to school and the rest belong to the poor fishing community.

My thanks to Penny my college friend and her husband Ashley, who volunteered to undertake this gigantic project and for their commitment to its satisfying completion.

2019 Distributing Christmas Packages Living in Slums- 800 People

  • Our volunteers distributed food packages of rice, wheat flour, lentils, sugar, tea, Sarees for women and blankets to people living in slums and on streets in Aurangabad and nearby villages.
  • Nearly 800 people received your love and warmth through these much needed items during the cold winter in December.
  • Our volunteer team from Aurangabad also traveled with a truck load of necessary items to be distributed to some 300 families devastated by floods in Sangli and Kolhapur in Maharashtra State.

Free Medical Camp in Nigeria.

  • Nearly 771 people from 5 communities received a free medical checkup, medicines and eyeglasses.
  • Our young lady Chinesa continues her schooling with your support and we also have 10 students from Africa in our sponsorship program.
  • We also provided funds towards the flood relief in the Bahamas through Food for the Poor in South America, to a clinic in Haiti and a project in Jamaica.

Showcase of India charitable programs from 2014 to 2018.

2019 Community Outreach

We shared your kindness with many Organizations who are providing outstanding services to the needy in our community. These are the ones we supported-

How We Do It

The criteria and processes for selecting the charities and charity projects are:

* Immediate need,

* Reliable information and trusted volunteers.

* Expenditures are verified by telephone calls, photos and receipts.


Global Compassion, Inc. has distributed over $1,000,000 to people in need since 2006 through fundraising and charitable events. 98% of the funds raised go directly to the needy in India, other international countries and local Midland, Michigan projects.

In 2019, we raised $256,243.00 . The pie chart shows the distribution of funds to our various Charitable Programs. Please go to the bottom of this page to access our newsletter for details. The charity is run by volunteers, local and international.

We request your support for 2020 having a goal to raise in order to continue to reach out to the poor and needy, offering them hope and support. Together, we can do it.

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