Projects for 2023 

International Charitable Program

July/Aug Ukraine Food Distribution

"We are most grateful to you and to all those who donated this money to Global Compassion Inc. they are very kind, and that kindness and generosity will be used to benefit the refugees inside Ukraine."

The Global Compassion Team will be visiting Ukraine projects in September!

Reaching People and Changing Lives

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Refurbished Two Small Homes in Ukraine

Covered Expenses to Fix Other Damaged Homes in Ukraine

"These are the two small homes we helped refurbish that were donated by donors from the UK."

"Global Compassion covered travel and construction material expenses." for other damaged homes. See YouTube video below.

"Thanks.... to Global Compassion three families were able to return to live in their homes after almost twelve months living in outhouses or sharing with others."

Refurbishing two small homes donated by UK charity

Photos of Fixing Damaged Homes in Ukraine

Ukraine and Local Refugees Support


From: Сергей Поканевич - Odessa, Ukraine. "Now all our relatives and neighbors have non-permanent batteries to continue living during a blackout. It's difficult when you have food spoiling in the refrigerator, complete darkness and isolation from the world. Our parents have a lot of lonely elderly neighbors, so they are very happy with such attention! In addition, food was purchased for them. There were days when there was no electricity for several days, and they also turned off their heating and water. And this is all against the background of the daily missile attacks that Russia makes against Ukraine.  Odessa is the very desired city that Putin needs." Christina

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WhatsApp Video 2023-09-06 at 15.35.17.mp4


Project in 2023 for Benin Africa to Fix This School Building

There is only one building with 3 separate classrooms that receive 92 students.  

The elementary school, C.S. Horizon Primary School, Azohoue-Cada, Benin, was established on October 5, 2016.

In 2022, the students received school supplies and backpacks.  After seeing the condition of the school building, it was decided to fund the construction of a new school building for these children.

Old School

New Construction

How We Do It

The criteria and processes for selecting the charities and charity projects are: 

* Immediate need, 

* Reliable information and trusted volunteers. 

* Expenditures are verified by telephone calls, photos and receipts.

Please Donate and attend a Fundraising Event