Major Charitable Programs: International (India & others) & Local Community (Midland area)

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2022 Mission to PROVIDE FUNDS for:

  • Drilling Bore wells for water- About 100

  • Home of Hope project in Action after kitchen work is finished

  • Empowering Women and leprosy families to self-sufficiency

  • Educational support in Africa and India

  • We also reach out to our local community, Midland, Michigan.

International CHARITABLE Programs

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COVID-19 Food Relief Distribution 2021 - Number One Priority

To “Feed the Hungry” was our top priority project this year! Delivered food packages to thousands of individuals.

There were several requests for food assistance, during the lockdown in India. Our volunteers, Tushar, Sandesh, their team and the NGOs risked their lives and served many starving families in 6 different states in India.

India - Borewells for Clean Water

  • 2018, people in 50 villages have access to drinking water.

  • 2019, 75 wells installed, 29,500 people benefited.

  • 2020, 63 wells installed, 31,000 people benefited.

  • 2021 - 71 wells installed, 35,000 people benefited.

Education Support - India - 2019, 2020 and 2021 - 2,435 Students

  • In 2021 Educational support was in terms of bicycles for girls, notebooks, remodeling the skill trade center for new work benches, classrooms, refurbishing old machines, and tuition fees, computers to schools and college students. About 500 students were benefited.

  • Your support in 2020 continues to help sponsorship to 10 students in Africa and about 25 students in India. Thank you for your investment in their lives and giving them a chance for a better future. Thank you and God bless you!

  • In 2019, we provided educational support to 1,900 students from very poor families and orphanages.

Construction of Home for Hope 2021 - Kitchen remains to be completed

  • Dr. John C Saam and Global Compassion Inc’s Home of Hope and Inspiration for children in Goika Village in Rajasthan.

  • I am so grateful to our very generous donors in 2021- Linda Maljovec Memorial fund provided by Susan Dallessandro, Global Compassion’s donors and Dr. Jon and Evelyn Lipowitz. Thank you for fulfilling the dream of Maharaj Bharatbhai Garacia (in orange outfit), to have a stable home for his village children where they can stay in a nurturing environment, blossom in their potential and be successful like our donors.

  • This home will provide a stable and nourishing environment for the village children from poor families and help them to achieve academic excellence.

Empowering Women in Poverty to Self Sufficiency - 2019 - 2021

  • In 2021 A group of 45 women received a gift of 3 goats each in Tamil Nadu, 30 women in Rajasthan, and below, 100 leprosy patients received a gift of chickens and 25 women received piglets to become self-sufficient.

  • Seven couples who lost their jobs during COVID lockdown received the latest models of sewing machines to start their own businesses in Gujarat. In Odisha state, 59 labor workers will be able to generate income from the various resources provided to them.

  • 2019 - A total of 168 women from 6 States in India, were benefited directly and it will positively impact about 840 family members.

India - Empowering the Women from Poverty to Leadership and Self-sufficiency

India - Empowering the Women from Poverty to Leadership and Self-sufficiency

  • Dairy Project - A gift of a water buffalo.

  • 15 women were given a chance to generate income for their families through this project.

In 2020, your support provided income generating tools to 14 Leprosy families.

They live in a block called “Beggars St” but now, they will be able to earn sustainable income for their families and live in dignity. Your support is “Life Changing”, says our volunteer Sr. Bernadu.

Nigeria - Medical Camps

  • In 2018, 2,266 for India and 1,155 from Nigeria villagers were helped in medical camps were given a free medical checkup and some medicines.

  • Thanks to a group of doctors, nurses and other volunteers.

  • 2019 Nearly 771 people from 5 communities received a free medical checkup, medicines and eyeglasses.

India - After school food program

  • This project is a proof of what a small amount of $10/day can accomplish!

  • We have 80 children who are benefited through this project.

2019 - A total of 7 free medical camps were provided for the people in remote villages in the States of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

A total of 2,737 patients were benefited. Thank you Marilynn for sponsoring the Medical Camps!

2019 Distributing Christmas Packages Living in Slums- 800 People

  • Our volunteers distributed food packages of rice, wheat flour, lentils, sugar, tea, Sarees for women and blankets to people living in slums and on streets in Aurangabad and nearby villages.

  • In 2018, your support brought immense relief and comfort to 500 people sitting or living on streets during the very cold weather.

2019 School Renovation Project- One time project

  • A school in Vasai, one of the suburbs of Mumbai was in such a bad shape that we decided to undertake this project.

  • It was a joint effort of Global Compassion Inc and Pawerica in Mumbai, India.

Community Charitable Programs 2021

We support the following:

  • Your support purchased 3 used cars to be given to the working ladies which made possible for them to get a stable job.

  • We also provided funds to get 2 other vehicles repaired for 2 working Moms in our community.

  • Other organizations that we supported were MCFOAR, Open Door. For a Brighter Tomorrow and Mustard Seed.

  • We also gave gift cards for gas, food and other emergency needs for individuals and families.

  • Thank you for your support and my special thanks to Vivian for her matching grant for our community outreach.

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